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When I was sixteen I was looking at the mirror asking myself if I was a woman or more of a boy
I feel like a boyish girl and I like boys
Once a friend and his girl-friend proposed me a new experience;
He tried to keep her doing that; Did not help …
She was more keen on me and I did not like either but I just let them do … with me ..,
Is orgasm at its best when doing it by myself?!
Imagination est la flame plus brullant
Mais aussi on ha besoin de l’autre
Why I remember more my bi sexual boys and men lovers?
Is sodomy the most intensive of all experiences?
Sexsexsexsexsex … when?????????????????
I cant wait any more; I want to have sex with you!
Oh, what a naughty grl I am; do girls declare such things?


Artista. La realtà incontra i miti. Le impressioni visive personali dei giardini inglesi scelti ... ultimamente anche il mare mediterraneo, si uniscono in collage fantasiosi e trasformazioni alchemiche.

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